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Gatehouse at the intersection of Fullarton and Cross Roads

(Bevan:  Sam Duluk has called ...) ... look, just touching on that final point from Dr Stone I think if we demolish the gatehouse it will undermine all heritage protection legislation in the state and what becomes sacred ... the Thebby Theatre, Adelaide Oval Scoreboard, Carrick Hill ... Mitcham and Belair railways stations ... if we demolish this state heritage listed building I don’t think anything is sacred left in the state. (Bevan: Is there a growing conspiracy theory that all of this is really about shifting heavy traffic down Cross Roads on to what will become the South Road tunnels, or ... does that belong with Area 51?)

Oh look, David, I don’t think there’s any doubt that long term the Department of Transport over many years want to see a realignment of traffic flow, for heavy freight flow from the South Eastern Freeway, Cross Road on to the new South Road corridor.  For many residents in my community that’s not a good thing. It’s going to see the changes to the way they live, especially if they’re on Cross Road, and the dynamic of our community ... I think that’s something that is going to be in the long-term mix from all information coming out of the department, but I think that’s just part of the story ... the biggest issue for me right now is actually heritage and heritage protection. (Bevan: And where are we at with this because there seems to be a protest every few weeks at that site.) Well, we had a fantastic rally a fortnight ago, over a thousand people attended; we’ve collected over three and a half physical signatures on the petition that I’m going to present to Parliament, over 10,000 online petitions. 

I know the department is talking to the university, which is fantastic, and I think we are making good progress, but we have to keep the pressure on the Government to save the gatehouse. (Bevan: But it’s not going to stay there, is it? At the very best ... they’re going to end up with this compromise, which we’ve been discussing with Dr Bob Stone ... that is that we shift it.) Look ... my preferred option would be to keep it in its current site, but if it is going to be moved for the road upgrade ... let’s move it somewhere within the university to find a way that we can keep that heritage aspect of the gatehouse, the importance of Peter Waite’s legacy and some functionality to the building as well. (Bevan: Okay, Sam Duluk, thank you for calling in and thank you to Dr Bob Stone, Associate Lecturer in Archaeology at Flinders University ... we were prompted to give Bob a call because we read Malcolm’s piece on the ABC Radio Adelaide website ... he’s our digital reporter and did a really interesting story about the gatehouse ... find it on our website.)