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Monday, 30 November 2020

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite

ABC RADIO ADELAIDE 8.48-8.51AM - Emergency Management Act

Bevan: The state has been basically operating under an Emergency Management Act for most of this year that was only ever designed really for a few days at a time?

Duluk: That’s sort of my understanding, the Emergency Management Act 2004 is there to provide for effective decision making associated with an emergency, this Act has now been in place for eight months it’s probably at least going to be in place until February next year and extended beyond that so are we still in an emergency or is this the new normal and what is the framework that we need to support the good work of SA Health and SAPOL, what is the role of parliament and I believe in terms of the Emergency Management Act there needs to be some greater triggers for that Act to be reviewed perhaps every when it’s in place sorry perhaps every six to eight weeks that parliament has to be recalled to ensure we’re still having the right legislative instruments in place when we have an emergency such as this or a new normal.

Bevan: You would also see this as an opportunity for the parliament to say the state’s being run effectively by Transition Committee and if this is the new normal we should give some thought to making sure other interests are sitting around that table, might be business interests or from the regions … you want other people sitting at the table?

Duluk: Absolutely, we’ve seen the hospitality sector very impacted by COVID-19 so what role can they play in terms of providing advice to government, rural communities and the regions very different impact of COVID on Cleve as opposed to Cowandilla and we’ve seen a lot of talk in Melbourne and Sydney as well the lack of inclusion of multicultural and ethnic communities into the debate and how we disseminate information and work with those organisations to ensure all South Australians have the right information and looking at the Emergency Management Act it says in point three there is a collective responsibility for all sectors of the community including both state and local government, business and non-government sectors and individuals to be involved in the emergency management arrangement so the act from 2004 … talks about the need for the business community, for local government for non-government sectors to be involved in the decision making when we’re in an emergency as we are at the moment.