Accessing the glasses sa scheme

Mr DULUK (Waite) (15:07): My question is to the Attorney-General in her capacity representing the Minister for Human Services. Attorney, will the state government commit to ensuring that the Glasses SA scheme is accessible and non-discriminatory for all those wanting to access this initiative? With your leave, sir, and that of the house, I will further explain.

Leave granted.

Mr DULUK: A constituent of mine, Mr Bryan Williams, must wear contact lenses as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Mr Williams brought to my attention that, under the Glasses SA scheme, contact lenses are not covered to the same level as prescription glasses.

Mr Williams desires that the scheme consider those who are diagnosed with a prescribed eye condition for which contact lenses are the only means of vision correction and change so that everyone can visit their regular optometrist and have access to this important service.

The Hon. V.A. CHAPMAN (Bragg Deputy Premier, Attorney-General, Minister for Planning and Local Government) (15:07): Can I just indicate that I am happy to inquire of the minister as to the particular circumstances of what is being sought there. As I understand it, this relates to someone who has a condition which only contact lenses are the suitable receptacle for the purposes of sight enhancement, and I will make some inquiries about that. If he has any particulars that he has in relation to the specific constituent, I am happy to get that further information.