Anzac day public holiday in lieu


This year ANZAC Day falls on a Sunday, which means a public holiday in lieu on the Monday for South Australians.

The rarity of this alignment has caused great confusion around the nation for both employees and employers.

“While many will rejoice in what is colloquially known as a ‘long weekend’, small businesses and their employees have been left in the dark regarding their trading responsibilities”, said Sam Duluk MP.

“Several local businesses in my area have approached my office seeking clarity to when they are expected to trade.

“Different rules are in place for different businesses, depending on whether you are exempt or non-exempt, the floor size area of your store, as well as whether you are located in the CBD, Glenelg Tourist Precinct, metropolitan area or in a Proclaimed Shopping District”, said Mr Duluk.

Depending on which definition you fall under, shop traders can trade from 12-5pm on Sunday and then 11am-5pm on the Monday but this again differs for hardware shops, furniture stores and car dealerships.

“The confusion around ANZAC Day trading is a stark reminder for businesses of the difficulty navigating COVID-19 Restrictions. This decision sparks open the broader discussion over how we manage the proclaimed ‘COVID-19 Emergency’ and how we regulate shop trading hours”, said Mr Duluk.  

Over the past 12 months, the State Government has been using special Ministerial powers to essentially deregulate shop trading hours on public holidays.

“Shop traders are busy, hard-working families, who spend their days taking stock, scheduling staff and providing essential goods and services to our communities”, said Sam Duluk MP.

“The decision to trade on public holidays is difficult for business in my local community who have to weigh up the cost of paying penalty rates with the expected level of trade.

“Due to the special exemption, many small business traders will incur penalty rate costs on both the ANZAC Day Sunday and the public holiday Monday.

“Similar to how I lobbied on behalf of my local RSLs for the occurrence of ANZAC Day, I will continue to represent the interests of small businesses in South Australia”, said Mr Duluk.