Banning corflutes

MEDIA RELEASE - 31 March 2021

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite will introduce a Bill to the South Australian Parliament to ban election posters (corflutes) on public roads.

Mr Duluk will introduce the Electoral (Ban on Corflutes) Amendment Bill 2021 which seeks to amend the Electoral Act 1985 and the Local Government Act 1999.

“Suburban roads covered in political posters and photos have become a visual and environmental pollution” said Mr Duluk.

“Members of the community are all too familiar with being bombarded with the faces of political candidates across stobie poles during the lead up to an election.

“Scattered along the sides of our roads, these plastic corflute posters are not only a distraction to drivers but detrimental to our environment.

“These corrugated plastic signs are made from synthetic resin called polypropylene which we know is not widely recycled.

“We are already battling the plastic war on waste and the election posters are an unnecessary added pressure to our waste system and environment.

“While we all try to reuse, repurpose, donate and or recycle corflutes, it is all too often that during an election they become damaged and weathered, with fixings such as cable ties lost to the side of the road.

“Another major concern includes the diminished roadside safety that corflutes bear by distracting drivers and moving their attention away from important road signage.

“This month South Australia welcomed the first phase of a ban on single-use plastics, a ban on single-use election signs is a logical next step for the betterment of our environment, road safety and the aesthetics of our communities.

“If you support my ‘Ban on Corflutes’ Bill, I urge you to contact your local Member of Parliament, asking them to vote in favour of this important electoral reforms”, said Mr Duluk.