Belair line closure raises questions

MEDIA RELEASE - Thursday, 10 December

Member for Davenport, Sam Duluk, is concerned that the Weatherill Labor Government isn’t being open and honest about the troubled Belair line.

The Belair line will be closed from midnight on Christmas Day until the first service on the 30th of December. Substitute buses will be operating

Mr Duluk noted that the boom gates at the Glenalta Railway Station level crossing have failed on multiple occasions this year, including on January 2 when it was 44 degrees.

"This work has been a long time coming despite my repeated calls for action. But we still don’t know if it is going to fix the problem," said Mr Duluk.

The only information provided by the Minister for Transport, the Hon Stephen Mullighan, is that the works will include ‘signal and communication cable testing and civil works at three level crossing in preparation for cable replacement’.

Mr Duluk has several questions for the Minister:

 Which level crossings will work be undertaken at?

 Are damaged or faulty cables responsible for the boom gate failures?

 When can local residents and commuters expect the cables to be replaced?

 Will new cables address the constant boom gate failures?

"These are important questions and people deserve to know what is being done and how it will help. At the moment, there is no confidence in the reliability of the Belair line, and there is no confidence in the transparency of this Government," said Mr Duluk.

As recently as September the Minister told Parliament that he had no knowledge if "…here are any works which are planned to be undertaken to improve the operation of the (Glenalta) level crossing".

Mr Duluk has also asked the Minister to explain what ‘bushfire prevention measures’ he is referring to in his News Release.

Full details of the closures will be available at