Blackwood high school redevelopment

Mr DULUK (Waite) (11:25): I also rise to speak to the 104th report of the Public Works Committee into Blackwood High School. I thank the committee for their work and the member for Kavel for the diligent way in which he seeks to make sure these projects are dealt with by his committee in a timely fashion.

Investing in education is important and this $9.4 million investment into Blackwood High School is welcomed by the community. It comes on the back of recent STEM investments in the last couple of years into facilities. This almost $10 million investment into public infrastructure in our public school system is so welcome and is going to set the school up for the future. It will help facilitate an increased capacity of up to some 1,400 students by the end of 2022, as year 7 transitions to high school. I know that the pilot program throughout my whole community, especially at Mitcham Girls High School, is going exceedingly well.

The new facilities at Blackwood High School include new classrooms, specialising in art, technology, dance, health and physical education. Blackwood High School, as you may be aware Mr Speaker, has a fantastic senior level dance program. We are going to see new staff amenities, which is so important, and like so many schools throughout metropolitan Adelaide, Blackwood High School is one of those classic 1960 builds, so having the new facilities is so important. There will also be refurbishment of toilet facilities and some extensions to the home economic centre as well.

The project is expected to be finished later this year, which is incredibly handy for the school. Blackwood High School really is one of the flagship schools in my community. It has had some fantastic graduates attend the school over many years and it continues to excel in its academic results. It excels in the students that it produces, the leaders of tomorrow. I would like to thank Principal Sharon Goldman, who is on leave this term, Acting Principal Jason Loke, the new chair of the governing council, Matthew Cheshire, and the great work that the parents do on the governing council.

I would like to give a plug to Zach Washington, a year 11 student at Blackwood High School, who recently competed in the state Track and Field Championships in February this year. Zach competed in six events and came first in the 3,000 metre steeplechase, under-20 javelin, second in under-20 discus, under-20 pole vault and under-20 400 metres and came fourth in the long jump. Watch out for Zach: I reckon he might be representing Australia in the Olympics in years to come. This is a wonderful project and I look forward to seeing the final product later this year.