Expanding the exercise radius

The Member for Waite is calling on the Transition Committee to expand the 2.5km exercise travel radius.

Please find Sam Duluk MP's letter to the Transition Committee here and press release below.

“Since the announcement of the lockdown, many concerned residents have contacted me about loneliness and the impact of social isolation on their mental wellbeing”, said Mr Duluk.

“For those living on their own or in remote areas, reduced physical interaction with others can have a detrimental impact on one’s mental health.

“I am glad the Transition Committee promptly established exemptions for people to visit those living by themselves.

“With such strict lockdown measures, it is pleasing to see compassionate arrangements made for single people and people living on their own. To further support those living on their own and residents in remote areas, I am asking the Transition Committee to expand the 2.5km exercise travel radius.

“My electorate of Waite is blessed to have so many beautiful parks but unfortunately due to the current 2.5km radius, many residents cannot enjoy the likes of Belair National Park, Wittunga Botanic Gardens or the Waite Arboretum. Being able to exercise and access open green space is so important for our well-being.

“We understand the immense impact these extended lockdowns have on our community’s mental health. From loss of revenue and income for small businesses and their employees, to job security concerns for those working in the hospitality, retail, airline, tourism and events sectors; there is a heightened level of concern for every individual trying to provide for themselves and their families. To this extent, the Transition Committee must continue to be flexible and fair to accommodate all groups of people.

“When I am out in my community, speaking to residents and local business owners, people continually raise with me the need for a more consistent approach to managing COVID-19, a roadmap towards an alternative to the current regime and assurances for businesses in the hospitality, retail, construction and tourism sectors that we are working towards a return to normal.

“Thank you to everyone for your patience when lining up to have COVID-19 tests and SA Health for taking steps to reduce wait times and provide amenities for those queuing for many hours”, said Mr Duluk.