Fiveaa radio - transport in the hills

07 July 2021 - 10.44am

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Duluk: It was a really good meeting and a big thanks to John and his organisation the South Australian Transport Action Group for putting together the forum and it was a two part forum, a very big focus on local transport needs for the Mount Barker community and then more broadly discussions around freight movement across South Australia and for my community in Waite rail freight has a huge impact on our community and also the lower end of the freeway and what is the future of Cross Road as a freight corridor and something that I’m very concerned about as is my community is the plan to make Cross Road a new freight corridor for the north south tunnels and that is on the agenda of Infrastructure Australia so what I’d like to see is ensuring there is a plan to have a road freight bypass that takes trucks off the freeway that don’t need to be on the freeway, freight is so important to South Australians and there’s always going to be an element of freight haulage on the freeway that travel short distances but for that traffic that doesn’t need to come down the freeway if you can go round the back of the Adelaide Hills through Truro and down to the port that way that is a huge and much needed investment into long term planning for a freight solution and that will see less trucks on the freeway and make that commute for Mount Barker residents so much easier.

Goodings: Thanks for your time … a problem that’s not going to go away … governments can’t keep calling for more reports sweeping it under the carpet and hoping it will go away because it won’t go away.