Future of Cross Road

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite continues to lobby against plans to turn Cross Road into a major heavy truck thoroughfare.

The Civil Contractors Federation SA (CCF) recently released their ‘Digging Deeper for South Australia’ report which outlines their Civil Infrastructure Priorities beyond 2020. As suggested by the CCF in their SA Possible Future Projects, there are two options for connecting the Cross Road network between the South-Eastern Freeway and North South Corridor, tunnels or major grade separations.

“The CCF are suggesting if tunnels are not used to connect the SE Freeway to the NS Corridor, grade separations will be needed at all major intersections along Cross Road”, said Mr Duluk.

“Large cement bridges that tower high into the skies and huge cut outs that burrow below the streetscape will ruin the character of these green leafy suburbs and divide communities. We have seen what cut and cover projects have done to the communities and residents of the Northwest with the Torrens-to-Torrens Project.

“Building Mad Mouse look-a-like freeways will cut suburbs in half and make Adelaide look like any another cement-ridden, ‘eyesore expressway’, major city.

“The residents of my electorate that live along Cross Road will not allow the Government to ruin the aesthetics, environment and livability of their community. They are already tired of B-Doubles and Semi-Trailers hurtling down their streets and are ready to protest.

“These communities are very protective of their character and maintaining a small-town feel. When the Government proposed removing the Waite Gatehouse, the community quickly mobilised in the thousands, with multiple rallies, petitions, and storms of backlash on social media.

“The Department should continue their focus on tunnel projects, similar to the North South Corridor” said Mr Duluk.
South Australians were promised road freight alternatives at the last election; freight-only connector roads such as the Short South and the North-South Freight Route via the Sturt Highway need to be explored and developed.


Media Comment: Sam Duluk MP (8278 5844)