Generations in jazz

Mr DULUK (Waite) (12:54): I also rise to speak briefly on this motion. I commend the member for Mount Gambier for putting this on the Notice Paper and recognise that it is more than just a great event; it is actually a great South Australian event. In particular, as the member for Heysen highlighted in his contribution, it is important to note paragraph (d) in terms of giving this event major event status. I know there are Victorians across the border, and the last thing we need is those nasty Victorians stealing our very good event.

There is a strong Victorian presence in terms of the management board and committee members of Generations, including former premier of Victoria Jeff Kennett. I just want us to ensure that every single South Australian school knows about Generations. My alma mater, Marryatville High, is a great contributor to Generations and a frequent winner, which is fantastic. Every school in South Australia should continue to participate in Generations.

I acknowledge that it is a tremendous opportunity for schoolchildren from South Australia and across the nation to participate and also mention the economic benefits that it brings to the city of Mount Gambier. The emphasis that it places on the state, and the role that the James Morrison Academy down in the Mount plays and highlights to the state, is a fantastic opportunity. I would love for this government and Minister Ridgway to ensure that Generations remains a major event in South Australia.