Gridlock at glenalta

Media Release - Friday, 11 September 2015

Gridlock in Glenalta

The Member for Davenport, Sam Duluk MP has called on the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Hon Stephen Mullighan MP to fix the level crossings in the Mitcham Hills.

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 4pm the boom gates at the level crossing at Glenalta Railway Station were once again stuck down.

This situation led to traffic gridlock in the area. South-bound traffic on Main Rd was stuck bumper to bumper from the level crossing all the way to the intersection of Old Belair Road and Serpentine Road, Belair – a distance of over two kilometres.

A member of the public thankfully diverted north-bound traffic down surrounding streets around the closed crossing.

Sam Duluk said "I commend the member of the public for diverting some of the traffic around the closed crossing but it’s time the government started addressing some of the transport problems in the Blackwood area."

"This is certainly not the first time level crossings have been stuck down for an unreasonable amount of time. Earlier this year on January 2 for example the level crossing at Blackwood was down on a 44 degree day."

"This can pose a serious danger during a fire evacuation or in the event of an ambulance, fire or police emergency. Not to mention the time wasted by sitting idle waiting for the boom gates to open again."