Press release: families embrace year 7 to high school pilot

More than 360 families have registered an interest in enrolling their child in one of the three pilot schools moving Year 7 to a high school setting next year.


Mitcham Girls High School, Wirreanda Secondary School and John Pirie Secondary School have all seen strong interest for enrolment. All three schools will offer Year 7 next year after interest well exceeded the numbers needed for a viable pilot.

Expressions of interest at each school:

  • Mitcham Girls High School – 161 families
  • Wirreanda Secondary School – 112 families
  • John Pirie Secondary School – 91 families

The pilot will inform the statewide transition of Year 7 into all high schools by 2022, with the pilot schools chosen because of their different school contexts that will provide valuable information for schools with similar characteristics.

The pilot will also offer insights into areas such as workforce planning, curriculum delivery and the transition process between primary and high schools.

Premier Steven Marshall said the response proves that South Australians are ready for Year 7 to be taught in a high school setting.

“These enrolment interest numbers are an emphatic response from families that they are excited about Year 7 moving into high school,” said Premier Marshall.

“I am confident these families will see the benefits of having their child take part in specialist learning from Year 7.

“By 2022, South Australian students will no longer be left behind other states, with our Year 7s having access to the specialist facilities and teaching available in a high school setting.”

Education Minister John Gardner said the Year 7 move will give students more opportunities to succeed.

“To deliver a world class education system, we need our Year 7s to be taught in by specialist teachers in the specialist setting offered in high schools, as designed in the national curriculum,” said Minister Gardner.

“Moving Year 7 into a high school setting gives students access to specialist teaching and resources, increased peer interactions and greater independence and responsibility.

“It is fantastic that the pilot schools and local families have embraced the move and we are looking forward to extending the benefits to all families from 2022.”

Schools are sending enrolment packs to families this week, with the final enrolment process to be completed by 21 June.

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