Hills residents still waiting for the train

Media Release - Friday, 19 June 2015

Hills residents still waiting for the train

Member for Davenport, Sam Duluk MP is frustrated the Minister for Transport has failed to deliver adequate Park ’n’ Ride facilities for the commuters of Blackwood, and surrounding suburbs in this year’s budget.

“Park ‘n’ Ride is vital to attracting more people to use our train service. People won’t take the train if they cannot find a car park at the station.”

In another disappointing move, the State budget has again ignored local commuters after rejecting calls to improve the reliability of the Belair line.

Mr Duluk said “Public transport is a vital part of reducing congestion but with the Belair train line being the worst in Adelaide for punctuality it’s no surprise it is being underutilised.”

With only 87.3% of Belair train services currently running on time many local residents drive to Mitcham station in search of a more efficient train service, adding to the congestion on Old Belair Road.

Adding further insult to hills residents, they will now pay more for their train ride following the Treasurer’s announcement yesterday that public transport tickets will also increase.