Libs plan to keep heavy trucks off cross road

Media Release - Monday, 23 January 2017

The State Liberals recent commitment to assess the development of an alternative corridor for heavy freight will put the brakes on the Weatherill Labor Government’s plans to send B-doubles rumbling down Cross Road.

Globe Link will not only deliver a generational upgrade of our freight export infrastructure, it will ease congestion and improve road safety across the metropolitan network.

“This is an exciting and visionary project that will provide enormous benefits to South Australia, and particularly Mitcham Hills residents – reducing bottlenecks on our roads and removing heavy trucks from our suburbs,” said Member for Davenport Sam Duluk.

The Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon Stephen Mullighan MP, confirmed on ABC radio last week that the State Government’s long-term plan is to funnel heavy trucks along Cross Road – one of the State’s busiest thoroughfares.

When ABC presenter Matthew Abraham asked if truck freight will go down Cross Road, the Minister responded “Yes, that’s right. That’s the long-term plan….” (ABC Adelaide: 30 January, 2017)

Mr Duluk said this long-term plan “simply isn’t good enough from an old and tired Labor Government that has run out of ideas”.

“Heavy vehicles and metropolitan traffic are a terrible mix – and we have seen the tragic consequences too many times with too many shocking accidents,” said Mr Duluk.

“We need to be focusing on reducing this type of traffic on our local roads, not planning to increase the number of freight trucks travelling through our neighbourhoods,” said Mr Duluk.

Globe Link will develop an alternative corridor, directing articulated and heavy rigid trucks away from our metropolitan roads and schools and providing freight companies with a more convenient and efficient route.