Media release - funding for the belair train line

The Belair Train Line is an important rail route that connects several communities such as Blackwood, Mitcham and Unley with the CBD. 

Local member, Sam Duluk MP is lobbying the State Government to allocate more funds to improve several train stations along this route.  

“There are several historic Railway Stations in my community that need upgrades. The Belair, Blackwood and Mitcham Railway Stations were first opened in 1883 and require commuter upgrades”, said Mr Duluk.  

The heritage listed Belair Railway Station, built with 19th century timber, iron and steel requires herniate façade restorations and improved signage to help guide patrons. 

“Whilst it was pleasing the Blackwood Railway Station was upgraded a number of years ago, there are still well-built adjacent buildings that are unused, an issue raised by Blackwood Action Group back in 2017”, said Mr Duluk.  

The Mitcham Railway Station has the same floorplan as Blackwood and also has a number of unused buildings 

The Mitcham Railway Station needs some urgent TLC, both platforms could be improved with new paint, seating and an improved pedestrian tunnel”, said Mr Duluk.  

“Station refurbishments at Lynton and further investments in Park n Ride destinations at locations such as Torrens Park Railway Station would go a long way in promoting public transport uptake”, said Mr Duluk.  

This week the State Government made a commitment to improving Railway Stations across metropolitan Adelaide over the next 10 years, as part of the $111 million Station Refresh Program. 

“I was disappointed the Government did not announce more Railway Station upgrades for the commuters on the Belair Line”, said Mr Duluk.    

“My community continues to ask for investments along the Belair Train Line. Initiatives such as station upgrades, electrification and an increased frequency of passenger trains would be welcomed by commuters in the Mitcham and Adelaide Hills areas.  

“I look forward to working with the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, so the needs of my community are represented in the Station Refresh Program”, said Mr Duluk.  


Please contact Sam Duluk MP for media comment (8278 5844)