Press release: new koala crossing for blythewood road

The Marshall Government will install a push button crossing for pedestrians on Blythewood Road, Mitcham, near Scotch College, following calls from the community for the safety upgrade.

The operating times of the existing koala crossing were initially extended to enhance safety outside of school hours, but after further review, the determination has been made that the construction of a push button pedestrian crossing is necessary.

Koala crossing infrastructure will be removed, as motorists will have to obey red light signals once the project is complete.

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll says the changes will result in a priority crossing for children travelling to and from school.

“This decision will enhance the safety of the students of Scotch College, and answers the calls from the local community,” said Minister Knoll.

“Local Member Sam Duluk has been instrumental in advocating for this upgrade and it’s largely thanks to his advocacy that this is now coming to fruition.”

Member for Waite Sam Duluk says this is an important initiative.

“This change comes as part of an initiative between the state government and Scotch College, ‘Way2Go’, which aims to facilitate safer travel to and from school for students, and will deliver real results,” said Mr Duluk.

“Having a push button crossing provides added safety, particularly for students undertaking extracurricular activities outside of regular school hours.

“I will work to ensure the installation of this important safety measure is prioritised against other projects to deliver a swift outcome.

“This has been a concern of parents, students and the local community, and the Marshall Liberal Government is taking action to address the calls for these changes.

“The safety of students and residents in my local area is a priority and I’m pleased that the work between our state government, local councils and schools can deliver these projects which benefit the wider community.”

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