Mitcham Hills Bus Petition

The State Government recently announced proposed changes to our local bus services

The proposed changes to the 195, 196 and 197X as well as the 600, 601605 and G30F are disconcerting for many users of public transport in our community. 

Should the proposed changes impact you, it is important that you have your say.

I would encourage you to pop into my office to sign the petition regarding bus services that I will present to State Parliament. You can also sign the online petition below.

Additionally you can provide feedback to DPTI online via this link, or contact my office directly. 


We, the undersigned are concerned that the proposed changes – particularly removing the 195, 196 and 197X bus routes in favour of an “On Demand” system and changes to the 600 & 601 routes – will have a detrimental impact on public transport users in particular families, city workers, students, self-funded retirees and pensioners.  


We request that you reconsider the proposed changes to the bus routes in the Waite Electorate. 

GOAL: 342 signatures

Will you sign?