Mitcham service sa centre update

Mr DULUK ( Waite ) ( 11:16 ): I also thank the member for Narungga and the work of the Legislative Review Committee in bringing this report to the house today to be noted. Indeed, I thank the member for Florey for her campaign not only to see the Service SA centres in her community and across the north-east saved, and indeed mine in Mitcham, and Prospect as well, but also to see some reform of parliamentary procedure and the way that we deal with petitions.

It is fantastic to see that now a petition of over 10,000 signatures that is presented to the house will get due consideration within the committee system as well, which I think is very important. I think it adds to the important work of the Legislative Review Committee, and I have no doubt that the staff of the committee will be able to handle petitions that come through and any delegated and subordinate legislation that they have to deal with as they sit on every alternate Wednesday morning.

In terms of my community, people in my community were very disappointed and upset when the news came through in the 2018 state budget that the Mitcham Service SA centre would be closing. I know that people from my community were part of the many thousands of signatures that formed the 25,766 signatures that were presented to this place to express the people's disappointment at the closure of three very well-utilised service centres.

I understand that there is a legacy issue from the former Labor government's privatisation and sale of the lands titles office, which in and of itself was absolutely disgraceful, and there was a bit of a catch-it clause in there, but for the government and the bureaucracy to think that they can close three very well-used service centres in communities, especially by many of our elderly residents who are not as au fait with technology as some of us in this house might be, is actually a real indictment on all of us.

I know I was in the Mitcham shopping centre all through 2018 and 2019 collecting petitions, and I give a true thank you to everyone who contributed. I then presented the signatures to this house and spoke to my colleagues across the parliament against the desire to see the Mitcham Service SA centre closed, and indeed those in Prospect and Modbury as well.

As the member for Florey said, it is good to know that people power is being listened to and being used. More importantly, it is our job as members of parliament to hold the bureaucracy to account in order to ensure that the centres stay open and that they are not providing a diminished service.

I know lease agreements are up in all three of those centres, including mine in Mitcham, and I implore the government to maintain the service in Mitcham and to ensure the FTE is available for the people. The Mitcham Service SA centre has been there for many years. I was in there a few months ago because I had to finalise some paperwork. I still use a chequebook and I still use the Mitcham Service SA. It is important that we use local services in local communities because that is what keeps us together.