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Bushfire Arson Amendments - Second Reading Speech

Please see my amendment here

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Jail firebugs for life: MP - Advertiser

ARSONISTS found guilty of deliberately lighting bushfires would face a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, under a push for tougher penalties to deter firebugs.

Waite independent MP Sam Duluk will introduce legislation into State Parliament next week to increase the maximum penalty for starting a bushfire from 20 years in jail to a life sentence. The announcement came as the CFS released footage of the Cherry Gardens bushfire from the day it erupted.

Authorities are continuing to investigate if the devastating blaze was deliberately lit. "We need to bring the penalties for intentionally causing a bushfire in line with general arson, which already carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment," Mr Duluk said yesterday.

Mr Duluk, whose electorate borders Cherry Gardens, also plans to introduce amendments that will make it mandatory for anyone found guilty of lighting a bushfire to pay compensation for any injury, loss or damage caused by the blaze. "The physical and emotional cost associated with bushfires are an immense burden for both the local communities and the State Government," he said. "We need the law to reflect this and ensure firebugs who put life and property at risk are responsible for the full consequences of their actions."

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Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite believes we need stronger deterrents for firebugs by proposing to change the maximum penalty for deliberately lighting a bushfire from 20 years to life imprisonment.  

It is disappointing to hear that arsonists were responsible for igniting recent bushfires in our communityThe Cherry Gardens fire burnt through 2700 hectares of land, two houses, farm properties and buildings, not to mention countless native animals. 

We need to bring the penalties for intentionally causing a bushfire in line with general arson, which already carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment”, said Mr Duluk. 

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Waite Electorate Office Opening Dates

The Waite Electorate Office is open again after the holiday break.

As your local Member of Parliament, I'm here to serve you and am pleased to:
· Offer you an opportunity to be heard
· Represent local community concerns
· Help you with matters involving Government departments
· Answer queries about local, State and Federal issues
· Provide a Justice of the Peace service

Final Parliament Speech for 2020


Proposed Demolition of the Waite Gatehouse Media Release

Please see my initial media statement when first hearing about the proposed demolition of the Waite Gatehouse and a following media release from Monday post the community rally. 

If you haven't signed the petition, I would encourage you to do so by visiting my office or online here


Coroner's Office Resources and Capabilities

2 December 2020

Mr DULUK (Waite) (15:16): My question is to the Attorney-General. Attorney, what measures are you undertaking to ensure that the Coroner's office is appropriately resourced to reduce the backlog on the issuance of Forensic Science South Australia post-mortem reports? With your leave and that of the house, sir, I will further explain.

Mr DULUK: Recently, a constituent contacted my office and expressed her concern and distress at waiting more than 17 months to receive a final death certificate for her late husband.

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Blackwood Christmas Pageant called off

Blackwood Times 

1 December 2020


ABC Radio Adelaide - COVID19 Restrictions


Repat Hospital Surgery Capabilities

26 November 2020

Mr DULUK: I refer to Budget Paper 4, Volume 3, page 16, row three, Repatriation Health Precinct Reactivation. Minister, how much funding in this year's budget has been allocated to surgery services at the Repat? What is the time frame for surgery to return to the Repat precinct? Have any preferred private providers been identified for the project, or has SA Health had any difficulties in sourcing preferred surgery providers for the Repat site?

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