News update

The State Liberals will develop a Master Plan for the upgrading of the central road corridor through the Mitcham Hills to deliver improved bush fire safety for the residents of the area and reduce the peak hour bottlenecks that plague commuters on Old Belair Road, Main Road and Coromandel Parade.

The State Liberals have committed $20 million to fund both the Master Plan and the first stage of the Mitcham Hills road corridor upgrade.

The Master Plan for the Mitcham Hills road corridor will cover the 13.2 kilometres from the corner of Cross Road and Fullarton Road through to the corner of Main Road and Black Road and incorporate Shepherds Hill Road.

“This substantial investment in a notorious traffic bottleneck will deliver a critical improvement in community safety and ease frustrating delays for local commuters,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“The devastating fire that swept through the Mount Lofty Ranges last week highlights once again just how important it is to ensure efficient escape corridors for people living in the Mitcham Hills.”

“The prospect of large numbers of people evacuating the Mitcham Hills on the current road network with a bushfire bearing down upon them is alarming.

“The upgrading of this important road corridor will also deliver reduced travelling times for thousands of commuters currently battling up and down it during peak hour traffic,” said Liberal Candidate for Davenport Sam Duluk.

“The Master Plan will divide the project in logical sections to minimise traffic disruption for the thousands of motorists who use this important transport corridor.

“Time wasted in traffic for people travelling to and from work is time that isn’t spent with families and friends.

“Time wasted in traffic for business is money lost through reduced productivity that in turn increases the cost of the goods and services they provide to their customers. 

“South Australia desperately needs carefully targeted investment in our transport infrastructure that will improve both the quality of people's lives and deliver economic benefits.

“Upgrading the Mitcham Hills road corridor is even more compelling by adding greatly enhanced community safety into the equation.”