Final parliament speech for 2020

Mr DULUK (Waite) (17:36): I rise to echo the words of many of my colleagues during this adjournment debate, especially the words of the Member for Florey, to thank the parliament and everyone who works in parliament over what has been a very difficult year for all of us as we have dealt with this global pandemic.

But the things I have been most impressed with in 2020 are our communities, whether they be my local communities—and I know how important community is to my electorate—or all of our communities, as we have gone about dealing and living in a new reality and how we have worked well together, how we have ensured that a sense of community is ever present.

At the moment, my community groups like the Blackwood Action Group are out there putting up red bows, yesterday and today, throughout the community to make us look like Christmas. There is no Blackwood Christmas pageant this year. I am sure in your electorate, sir, there is no Stirling Christmas pageant. There are no big community carols at the end of December, nearly up to Christmas. So as we navigate this very different Christmas and very different and difficult 2020, I would like to thank my community for their support of me and the work that we do, for my staff in my office who go about doing their job every single day in helping serve that community, and to all of us in this place who represent the good people of South Australia at this very difficult time.