Policy - protecting our environment

Green leafy suburbs make this community a unique and beautiful place to live.  

As you would appreciate, there are an array of different environmental policies that endeavour to protect our environment. I have been focusing on both ends of the policy spectrum by being proactive in the areas I can influence, such as: 


✅ Encouraging the removal of weeds and pests species that damage our local environment 

✅ Supporting the Department of Environment & Water with their fire management to conduct planned burns in our area 

✅ Rejuvenating sites by planting native species and greening our suburbs 

✅ Promoting less waste and picking up litter  

✅ Working towards more action on Climate Changes in our State  

There are also other issues such as the removal of mature and significant trees in our community. I wrote to the Attorney-General asking more information about how the New Planning and Design Code will impact trees in our community.  

You can see my speech on the importance of balancing the new Planning and Design Code to ensure we are not developing at the cost of heritage and the environment.