Preparing for summer and the bushfire season

Preparing for summer and the bushfire season


As we prepare for another summer and fire season, I wanted to remind you of the importance of ensuring you are ready for the potential of a power outage occurring during extreme weather.


Bushfires pose a very real danger in South Australia and have the potential to disrupt many of the essential services that we all need and take for granted.  We believe there are several key things that you should consider in preparing for summer and bushfire season, including:


  • if power is lost during extreme weather conditions, particularly in a bushfire situation, there is potential for an extended outage before electricity supply can safely be restored


  • ensuring you have a battery-powered radio and that you keep your mobile phone and other devices charged, so you can stay in communication if you lose power


  • being aware that solar PV panels will turn off if there is a loss of the grid-supplied electricity


  • developing your bushfire plan if you live in a bushfire risk area, or an area served by power lines that run through bushfire risk areas, you need to consider your need for back-up electricity generation.


  • consider investing in a car charger for your mobile phone



For assistance in preparing an emergency or backup plan to manage these challenges we strongly recommend contacting the Red Cross on 1800 188 071 to obtain a copy of their emergency REDiPlan or

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