Protecting service sa centres

24 November 2020

Mr DULUK: Minister, same budget paper, page 159, also in regard to Service SA. You are obviously talking about the road map. Can you guarantee that the new road map will not result in any shopfront services or staffing reduction at the Modbury, Prospect and, indeed, the Mitcham Service SA centres, even if they do happen to have lease renewals at other sites within those suburbs?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: Sorry, what was the last bit of that question again?
Mr DULUK: Even if there happens to be a renewal or a new lease taken up on a new site within those suburbs, can you guarantee that there will be no reduction in shopfront services and staffing as currently held at the Mitcham, Prospect and Modbury sites?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: Again, the full range of services. I think it has been made very public, and that is pivoting towards more online. As the demand changes, we will change with that to make sure people are getting the services they need and want. With this new style that we have talked about, the contemporary style of service delivery, putting the service back into Service SA, as you will see when you go to Currie Street, it enables that really good flexibility. I talked about that, as an extreme example, with staff going off and helping with COVID-19. But if a new centre was starting up—

Mr DULUK: So we may potentially see a reduction in staffing at those sites?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: No, what we are saying here is there is flexibility with staff around the corner. For example, when Mount Barker starts up there might be some Mitcham staff who could potentially go and help out Mount Barker while they get up and get running and whatever else, and it would flick around to the service delivery. Again, I stress the point, and I hope I have been clear on this, about back office staff coming out to the front.
The traditional way of working in a shop or a business or whatever where everyone has a desk, etc., is not the way forward. It is actually very much at the front now and it is the staff serving people as they come in the door in that concierge-type model. If you have not been in Currie Street, I highly recommend you go and have a look and check it out. It is a really good set-up and it is what we will be rolling out going forward.