Protecting State Heritage

Sam Duluk MP, Member for Waite has introduced a Bill into the South Australian Parliament to provide stronger heritage protection to places of state heritage significance.  

Mr Duluk today, introduced the Heritage Places (Protection of Heritage Places) Amendment Bill 2021. 

“My Heritage Places Bill seeks to legislate greater measures of protection for the historic buildings and spaces that grace our State”, said Mr Duluk. 

“The proposed legislation would require both Houses of Parliament to approve any reductions of heritage significance or destruction to any place listed on the State Heritage register. 

“Heritage plays such an important role in illustrating the history of our State and provides a special place for people to meet and community groups to establish themselves.  

“After witnessing the attack on the Waite Gatehouse which has been on the State Heritage Register since 1982, myself and others determined that the State Heritage listing was not in itself great enough protection from future development and destruction.” 

“Fortunately, through immense community lobbying, the Gatehouse will be preserved but many other places such as the Victor Harbor Causeway, the Newmarket Hotel and many other historic houses across our State are under threat”, said Mr Duluk. 

“The Protect our Heritage Alliance welcomes any heritage action to increase the protection of State Heritage. We know that the Government favours development over heritage and this will get worse with the new Planning and Design Code”, said Emeritus Professor, Dr Warren Jones AO, Convenor of Protect our Heritage Alliance.  

“We are aware of two current examples of loss of heritage due to development. One is the horse tram barn in Prospect and the other is an 1840s State Heritage listed house in Hahndorf”, said Dr Jones.  

If passed, this legislation carries a maximum penalty of $120,000 for anyone found guilty of the offence.  

“If you support my Protection of Heritage Places Bill, I urge you to contact your local Member of Parliament, asking them to vote in favour of this important reform”, said Mr Duluk.  

Media Comment: Sam Duluk MP (8278 5844)