Mr DULUK (Waite) (12:26): I also rise in support of the motion moved by the member for Frome, a very genuine motion from the member for Frome, and indeed on a very important subject. Whilst I think a lot of people, when they think of PTSD, just think about how PTSD affects veterans and service personnel, as the members for Frome and Kaurna have indicated, it is actually about people on the front line in our emergency services: police officers and ambulance officers who attend horrific scenes quite often suffer from PTSD.

On reflecting on the news last night, I think yesterday the AFP were involved in a huge paedophile ring bust across Australia, and I know there people who work in the serious and organised crime units of our serving police force have PTSD from seeing the horrific images and the stress that goes with that. So this is a really important motion from the member for Frome.

I think one of the unspoken sadnesses about COVID-19 has been how veterans have not been able to socialise as they usually do. They have not been able to go to their RSLs on a Wednesday night, as they do on members' night at the Blackwood RSL or on a Friday night at Mitcham RSL. Quite a lot of veterans are gold card recipients and as part of that get free gym membership, but they have not been able to go to the gym. I know the father of a friend of mine is a Vietnam vet and the gym for him is a huge part of his mental health and wellbeing.

They have had almost two months of not seeing people as they are used to. As the member for Frome reflected on, not many people understand, especially if you are a war service veteran, how PTSD affects you. Really the only time they talk about their PTSD and their lived experience is with their veteran mates, and they have not had the opportunity for the last two months.

In terms of my RSL clubs, there is Mitcham and Blackwood, of course there is the RAAF Association at Mitcham as well and also the Plympton Veterans Centre, and the work of Titch Tyson OAM and his crew in the outreach they do across the southern suburbs is fantastic. So to the member for Frome: thank you for bringing this motion to the floor of the house. I think it is important that we talk about PTSD, we deal with the stigma and we encourage people who feel they may be suffering from PTSD to talk about it, to seek professional help, because it is only in seeking professional help and talking about our issues that can we can find a cure and some peace for those people.