Recognising community achievements in parliament

24 September 2020

Mr DULUK (Waite) (15:18): Today, I rise to talk about some outstanding achievements from community members in the electorate of Waite. 

Sport is very much a key part of my community, as it is in so many other members' communities. I am happy to share several achievements from the Mighty Woods Blackwood Football Club. Firstly, congratulations to Leonie Wilmshurst, for being acknowledged as the SANFL Statewide Super Volunteer of the Year.

This is indeed an amazing award and recognises her dedication to serving the community for over 20 years. Leonie can be seen at the club many times a week, on weekdays to Saturdays and Sundays, and she has been a driving force behind planning the major expansion of club facilities, acting as SANFL Juniors club administrator, being a team manager and helping coach the next generation of Woods premiers.

Leonie has been a leader of the club for many, many years. She has sacrificed countless hours undertaking so many projects. As I said, recently her dedication and drive successfully brought together the club's major facility project, new female change rooms and the awarding of $450,000 grant from the federal and state governments. This project included new unisex change rooms and was completed late last year. I know it has been a real highlight for the club in the 2020 season.

It goes without saying that Leonie has played a key role in the development of the club. As SANFL Head of Community Football Tom Hurley said Ms Wilmshurst's efforts reflected the 'tremendous' spirit of community football in South Australia, and as a passionate and dedicated member of the Blackwood Football Club which, in more recent years, has been a driving force behind the significant growth and success of female football at the c lub.

On this note and of great significance, we are now celebrating the premiership of the open women's team at Blackwood Football Club. Congratulations to everyone involved in winning the 2020 championship. I again congratulate all those involved and look forward to seeing what happens in the 2021 season. Success breeds in success in Blackwood and I would also like to congratulate the under 12 boys and the under 14 girls for winning flags this year.

Another important and valued community organisation in Waite is the Blackwood Rotary Club. The club was charted in September 1970, and a couple of weeks ago I was honoured to attend the club's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Over the past 50 years, the Rotary Club has contributed to many local projects such as Meals on Wheels, the Blackwood Hospital in its heyday, the Blackwood Community Recreation Centre, the Blackwood High School Performing Arts Centre, St John Ambulance and quite regularly to local CFS units.

The dedicated and long-serving volunteers host many events such as book sales, annual art shows, barbecues and hire of equipment to raise funds for international and local community projects. I thank the hardworking volunteers for the time they sacrifice turning sausages at weekend barbecues, manning stalls at events, and meeting to organise these events together and provide camaraderie in the community.

Your efforts, Blackwood Rotary Club, are recognised by our community. The community especially loves the Blackwood Rotary Christmas Fair and it is appreciated by so many. I always enjoy my time at the cub as an honorary member, and their values of service before self, honesty and integrity, friendship, humour and generosity are so important for our community.

Finally, I would like to touch on a charity called Red Faces. Red Faces is a charitable organisation which exhibits all of Rotary's values. I was pleased to support their variety show in 2020 and was glad to see it go ahead this month despite COVID restrictions in South Australia.

Red Faces partners with Grow to raise awareness for mental health in South Australia. Thanks to the efforts of Brenton Williams, a long-term resident of my community, for his work in putting together this fantastic event year in, year out. This year, the event raised over $30,000 with all proceeds going to Grow. Grow is a national organisation that enables personal growth and development for all, and offers hope and recovery for people who strive to achieve and maintain mental health.

The funds raised will go directly to the Grow SA program, Get Growing, a specialised wellness program that supports young people aged 12 to 18 who are in school and have a background of dysfunctional families with mental health, drug or alcohol issues. The program supports young people to provide positive distractions and develop a plan so that they can set themselves up to learn and grow as people in our community. Congratulations to all involved in Red Faces.