Investment in the Mitcham Hills road network is desperately needed to reduce traffic congestion, improve road safety for residents and commuters, and mitigate risk in the event of a bushfire

Whilst the proposed funding to improve the Blackwood roundabout announced in the 2017/18 Budget is an important first step in this investment, a future Marshall Liberal Government will deliver additional infrastructure improvements for the Mitcham Hills by:

  • Continuing to consult with the Mitcham Hills community, taking into account all modes of transport: cars, buses, commuter trains, rail freight, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Adopting key recommendations of the Road Management Plan prepared by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) in 2015 (edition 2), including:
    • Improving the safety and operation of the Main Road – Russell Street junction.
    • Alleviating safety concerns and reducing traffic congestion at the intersection of Shepherds Hills Road – Brighton Parade / Waite Street.
    • Upgrading lighting along key sections of the Mitcham Hills road corridor.
  • Working with the City of Mitcham to prioritise road and safety upgrades throughout the Mitcham Hills road network, especially Coromandel Parade and parking in the Blackwood Centre.
  • Working with DPTI to prioritise further road and safety upgrades throughout the Mitcham Hills road network, including the remaining recommendations of the Road Management Plan.

A copy of the Mitcham Hills Road Corridor policy document can be found here

The Road Management Plan can be found here.

A copy of my letter to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, the Hon. Stephen Mullighan MP can be found here