Train safety on the belair line

24 November 2020

Mr DULUK: Minister, I refer to Budget Paper 4, Volume 3, page 155, the Automatic Train Protection (ATP) system on the Belair line. Minister, can you explain what was done in terms of the ATP on the Belair line? Was the target met?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: Sorry, could I ask you to repeat the question. The member for West Torrens was speaking.

Mr DULUK: I refer to page 155, and the second dot point under highlights for 2019-20: Switched on the Automatic Train Protection (APT) system on the Belair line, improving safety for hills train passengers. What does it mean by improving safety via the ATP? What was actually done? What was the target and how was it met, and how does replacing security guards with an ATP lead to a safer commute for residents in my electorate?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: I will begin the answer and then I will get a little bit more detail, because I do remember from my time in opposition about the ATP system which is, I am led to believe, the automatic train protection system. It is a sensory system, whereby you are aware of the train that is in front of you, so that trains can actually run closer together in an ideal world. If we can run trains back to back, safety would be even further improved. In the old days, there were flags and whatever that would be waved to ensure that a train was clear ahead. So the ATP system works in that context, but I will get a little bit more detail from the staff.