Waite gatehouse announcement

Media Release - 15 March 2021


Today’s announced brick-by-brick deconstruction and reconstruction of the Waite Gatehouse is not an ideal heritage solution, but positively, will continue to see the Gatehouse have a presence at the Waite Arboretum for the benefit of the community”, said Mr Duluk 

“Whilst I am disappointed that the State Government and the University of Adelaide have decided to use this cost-saving method, I’m glad that after immense community resistance, the Government has conceded on their original position to demolish the 130-year-old State Heritage-listed building. 

“My community has strongly opposed the demolition of the Waite Gatehouse. Over the last 5 months, we have held two public rallies and collected over 8,000 petition signatures which will be presented to Parliament protesting the demolition of the Gatehouse. If 10,000 signatures are received, this will force the issue to Parliament's Legislative Review Committee. 

“I will continue to work with the community to fight for heritage preservation by presenting the ‘Save the Gatehouse’ petition to Parliament as well as by introducing legislation to further provide protection for State Heritage listed assets. 

“My position has always been to preserve the legacy of Peter Waite and maintain the integrity of State Heritage listings in South Australia”, said Mr Duluk. 

The local MP for Waite will continue to represent his community to ensure the best outcomes are achieved for this project.