Welcome news for children with epilepsy

Sam Duluk MP welcomes the State Government’s announcement that they will establish a pilot to trial the use of medicinal cannabis in treatment for epilepsy in children.

The Governor’s recent speech to parliament confirmed the establishment of the trial for children who are not responding to other treatment.

“This is welcome news to many South Australians and their families who experience the chronic and debilitating health impacts of living with epilepsy”, said Member for Waite, Sam Duluk.

“For years I have been advocating for improved support for these families and have previously called for our state to consider medicinal cannabis as a treatment option.

“I hope that the trial will help South Australian children with epilepsy and will contribute to the evidence base to support the use of medicinal cannabis products.

“One in 25 people will have epilepsy at some point during their lifetime. Many are able to live full and productive lives through the use of medication and lifestyle changes.

“Positive steps towards improved care management have the potential to assist many South Australians and I look forward to the results of the pilot.”

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